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Google Map of Where to Fish

For the upcoming Chambersburg Noontime Lions Club Trout Derby, we have created a Google map with over 50 "pins" showing some of the areas where you can fish. We have many participants coming from out of town and the most commonly asked questions are, "Where do you stock" and "Where should we fish"? While this map and the pins on it don't show exact stocking locations, this will give the folks from out of town a chance to see the various waterways we love here in Franklin County. All we ask is this: please respect the land owners' property when parking and pick up your trash. We've been fortunate enough to host this derby for over 20 years and that is directly a result of the good people in our community allowing us to use their land for it. PLEASE DO YOUR PART TO CONTINUE OUR GREAT TRADITION.

2020 Trout Derby Registration

Approximately $25,000 in prize money
2,000 fish are stocked in a five mile section of the stream
Approximately 600 money fish with payouts ranging from $25 - $2,500
$30,000 Pre-Owned Vehicle Contest sponsored by FORRESTER LINCOLN
BIG TROUT CONTEST with an estimated payout of $2,000
RAFFLE with over $3,500 in prizes will be held at Noon on Sunday

Get Involved - Sponsor a Fish!

If you or your business would like to be part of the Trout Derby this year - think about sponsoring a fish. The cost is $100 and we will proudly display your name/business name on our billboard, the sponsor list, and online. What better way to show your support for a great cause?

Big Trout Contest

A 50/50 contest will be held for the three people that catch the biggest TAGGED trout. Payouts will be 60% to the largest trout, 30% to the next largest and 10% to the third largest trout. There is an additional $5.00 entry fee per person for the big trout contest.

The BIG TROUT contest has an estimated payout of $2,000.