Derby Rules & Regulations

2015 Trout Derby Rule & Regulations

  • No prize money will be paid out after 3:15pm on Sunday.
  • Each participant must be registered and must display official tournament registration badge. If participant is 16 years of age or older they must also have a valid PA Fishing License and Trout Stamp.
  • NEW RULE–You must bring the TAG to registration to receive its prize. You may release the trout upon catching if you wish.
  • All trout must be legally and fairly caught.
  • Any individuals found in violation of rules will be disqualified.
  • Respect the rights of property owners.
  • Only trout caught by registered participants are eligible for prizes.
  • Fishing hours are 6:00AM Saturday through Sunday, 3:00PM
  • Do not fish in any areas marked prohibited or No Trespassing.
  • Any evidence of tampering will result in disqualification.